About Kvalheim Kraft AS

Sist endret: 14.05.2012

Kvalheim Kraft AS ownes and operates Mehuken wind farm in Vågsøy municipality in Sogn and Fjordane county at the west coast of Norway.

Mehuken wind farm was opened in 2001 with five wind turbines. In 2010 the wind farm was extended with additional eight wind turbines. The annual production of electricity will increase from 12 to 65 GWh. The approximately 3 000 households in the Vågsøy municipality will then be self-supported with electricity from the wind turbines at Mehuken.

Mehuken vindkraftpark

Contact information: 
Kvalheim Kraft AS
Glengsgata 19
N-1701 Sarpsborg
Phone +4769112500

Kristin Ankile
Phone +4795048875
General Manager
Olav Rommetveit
Phone +4797663120